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1225SoundStation2 (analog) conference phone without display. Non-expandable. Includes 220V-240V AC power/telco module, power cord with CEE7/7 plug, 6.4m console cable, 2.8m telco cable28-10-202150700
1231AC Power Kit for CX500/600, 24VDC. Includes PSU and local cordset with Europe CEE 7/7 plug. 5-Pack28-10-20218460
1235Expansion microphones kit for SoundStation2 and SoundStation2 Avaya 2490. Includes two (2) expansion microphones and two (2) 3m/9.7ft expansion microphone cables. Compatible with SoundStation2 EX and SoundStation2 Avaya 2490 220-240V models only28-10-202119200
1268Expansion (EX) microphone kit for SoundStation VTX 1000 and SoundStation IP6000. Includes two EX mics and two 7ft/2.3m cables. Does not include China28-10-202126400
1297AC Power Kit for CX3000, 48VDC. Includes PSU, POE Power Injector Cable and local cordset with Europe CEE 7/7 plug28-10-202117000
1320Expansion Microphone Kit for SoundStation IP 7000. Includes two (2) expansion mics and 2.1m/7ft connection cables04-11-202126400
1355Universal Power Supply for SPIP 321, SPIP 331, SPIP 335 and SPIP 450. 5-pack, 24V, 0.5A, Continental Europe power plug28-10-20218950
1368Universal Power Supply for SPIP 320, SPIP 330, SPIP 430, SPIP 550, SPIP 601& SPIP 650. 5-pack, 24V, 0.5A, European power plug04-11-20216400
1382USB A-to-B Cable for CX600/CX700 IP Phone, connection to PC. 5-Pack04-11-20211350
1484SoundStation Duo dual-mode conference phone w/ factory disabled media encryption including Power Supply, Power Cord with CEE 7/7 plug, Power Injection Module with 6.4m combined PSTN/Cat5 cable, 2.1m RJ-11 PSTN cable, 2.1m Cat5 cable and Quick Start G28-10-202172400
1541Multi-Interface Module to daisy chain two SoundStation IP 7000, add single HDX digital mic or add Auxiliary audio I/O ports. Includes 100-240V,0.63A,48V/30W power supply, 6ft/1.8m power cord with CEE 7/7 plug and a 12ft/3.6m 10-pin network cable28-10-202117000
1572Cable - Two (2) expansion microphone cables, 7ft/2.1m for SoundStation IP 700028-10-20212560
1630Expansion Microphone Kit for SoundStation2W (Expandable) only. Includes two (2) expansion microphones and two (2) 3m/9.7ft expansion microphone cables. Low power consumption28-10-202123000
1635Cable - Two (2) expansion microphone cables, 25ft/7.6m for SoundStation IP 700028-10-20212560
169324 Hour Talk Time Battery for SoundStation2W28-10-20218190
1776Subwoofer with amplifier kit for SoundStation VTX 1000. Includes 2.5m power cable with CEE 7/7 plug and 2.8m RCA male to male cable. 240V04-11-202113700
1790AC unimod power/telco module 220-240VAC 0.1A for SoundStation2. EEA, New Zealand and South Africa. DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER CORD, CONSOLE AND TELCO CABLES28-10-202113700
1998Interface Module,SoundStation2, Avaya, A-Law04-11-202124000
2332VVX 1500 D dual stack (SIP&H.323) Business Media Phone with factory disabled media encryption for Russia. Does not include AC power supply (PoE). (First year maintenance contract required)28-10-2021102000
2452Universal Power Supply for VVX 300, 310, 400, 410.1-pack, 48V, 0.4A, Continental European power plug28-10-20212130
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