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Код  Название Дата доставки Цена
9297ZyXEL M8T1E1 1-port T1/E1 ISDN PRI Expansion Module for X800406-06-202011285
10701VoiceStation 300 (analog) conference phone for small rooms and offices. Non-expandable. Includes 220-240V AC power/telco module, power cord with CEE7/7 plug, 2.8m telco cable, DE/NO/SE PSTN adapter, 6.4m console cable06-06-202031100
1290712 Hour Talk Time Battery for Soundstation2W06-06-20203810
31074SoundStation IP7000 multi-unit connectivity kit. For large room coverage. Includes two IP7000 consoles, multi-interface module with universal power supply, console interconnect cable. Does not include Brazil06-06-2020215000
85985Шлюз D-Link DVG-5004S/D1AШлюз D-Link DVG-5004S/D1A05-06-202015525
85986Телефон IP D-Link DPH-120S/F1B черныйТелефон IP D-Link DPH-120S/F1B черный05-06-20204888.51
85987Телефон IP D-Link DPH-120SE/F1 черныйТелефон IP D-Link DPH-120SE/F1 черный05-06-20205876.15
85988Телефон IP D-Link DPH-150S/F5B черныйТелефон IP D-Link DPH-150S/F5B черный05-06-20206060.96
85989Телефон IP D-Link DPH-400SE черный (DPH-400SE/F)Телефон IP D-Link DPH-400SE черный (DPH-400SE/F)05-06-20205961.6
85991Телефон IP D-Link DPH-150SE/F5 черныйТелефон IP D-Link DPH-150SE/F5 черный05-06-20206905.52
86425Лицензия Unify L30251-U600-A395Лицензия Unify L30251-U600-A39505-06-202011
92733Шлюз D-Link DVG-7111SШлюз D-Link DVG-7111S05-06-20204968
95913G450 MP160 MEDIA GATEWAY NON GSA06-06-2020526000
95932C5 PWR CORD EU/RUSSIA06-06-20201820
95935CABLE GREEN 5 METER06-06-20202050
95936CABLE GREEN 25 METER06-06-20202900
95943IP Office Cable - Power Lead (Earthed) European CEE7/706-06-2020795
95944S SERIES RPLCMNT LINE CORD06-06-2020648
95946GN1200 QD-RJ10 SmartCord SC06-06-20201920
95947GN1200 QD-RJ10 SmartCord CC06-06-20202320
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